Travel LogBook

(May 24, 2011)

It is a program to saving your actual GPS position at regular intervals. Saving is done directly in HTML format on your external memory card in your phone. The map is then shown on phone to see your route through which you are moving. At each step measurements can insert a comment on the way or you can insert photos from your camera phone.

After installing set the program using the SETUP button. Here performs settings storage interval either after reaching a new time interval or approximate the distance changes, which is given as relative calculation of speed changes ..

The next step could be setting the measured data in the "Name of the recorded data". Set here the name of your trip, your adventure etc..

After this basic setup the program is ready to turn on. This will be done with "Run Log " button. Click the "Stop log" to stop saving the measured data .. Values are stored as - GPS position, date and time, altitude, average speed .. you can attach to the records as well picture from your camera along with a note ..

Measured data are possible to display directly in the program, click "Show record data" measured data is stored in an external phone memory folder
(/ sdcard / Bukacek_APP / Travel_LogBook / + name of the measured data)
Here are the generated as well files index.html, that are intended for publishing on the web.

The first test application
Currently is apps unpublished

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