(Jan 30, 2016)

The classic game Gomoku in the playing area 15 * 15, who first places a 5 matching symbols in one direction wins! 6 symbols don't win. It is switchable between Gomoku and Tic TacToe skin, it depends on your choice! You can choose from four difficulty levels in the Singleplayer to win a bronze, silver or gold cup for 1, 5 or 10 wins in a row. The new quick and easy way to control - Touch + Zoom in one! Playing via Google Game. Integrated fast Real-Time Multiplayer with whom you can invite your friends or anonymous players to play over the Internet.

  • 2 different skins Gomoku / Tic Tac Toe
  • Singleplayer with 4 difficulty levels
  • 5 symbols in one direction to win
  • 6 symbols in one direction doesn't win
  • Real-time Multiplayer via Internet
  • Self-learning game algorithm
  • Global best results
  • Achievements
    • Great fun on your way to school and to practice your head.

      Version: 1.00 (Jan 30, 2016)

    • - First version

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